In Bloom: September

Welcome to the first edition of our series, In Bloom, where we feature a seasonal flower or plant. At Pu-la, we love to surround ourselves with flowers and plants whether it's in the garden or in our homes. We will be exploring a little about them and whether they are pet safe.

The Aster | Symphyotrichum

This month, we are inspired by the Aster, also known as starwort or frost flowers. Named after the Greek word for "Star" due to its star-shaped flowers, this perennial daisy-like gem comes in a variety of over 600 species and colours. It grows all over the world, from New York to China and everywhere in between.

With a rich history in Greek mythology, this plant was known as an ‘enchanted flower’ and was used to pay tribute to the gods in ancient Greece. It’s said that the aster was created by the tears of the goddess Astraea (Virgo), the goddess of innocence. One day she was so upset by how few stars were in the night sky that she began to cry. As she cried her tears fell to the ground and turned into star-shaped aster flowers.

Another story is that the aster was created by Venus; when she scattered stardust over the earth, the aster flowers bloomed. Thus, the aster flower is also a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love.

Asters are September's birth flower, and in ancient times were believed to hold magical powers. It was thought that burning the leaves could repel serpents and evil spirits. The flowers blossom in romantic pinks, reds, lilacs and whites which is why they became a symbol of love in Greek mythology. They symbolise love, wisdom, faith and colour and imply a sense of wellness, care and emotion when gifted.



The easy and versatile Aster attracts a lot of bees and butterflies, providing the pollinators with an important late-season supply of nectar. Thanks to its late bloom time, they are sometimes called “Michaelmas daisies,” which refers to the holiday of the same name that occurs annually on September 29th.

Lucky for us, these beautiful and dainty flowers are also non-toxic to dogs and cats, making them a wonderful addition to our Autumn bouquets. 

A posy of pretty wildflowers is a sweet way to accent your bedside table or add some colour and texture to your living space. The benefits aren’t only visual; you can also lift energy and set yourself up for a good day by simply adding an arrangement to any room in your home.

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