October Inspiration, Intentions & Rituals

Celebrating the little things in our day-to-day life is at the heart of our brand, and we love to share ideas with you... As we head into a new month, we pause to discover new rituals, set intentions and celebrate our inspirations. This month, the autumn moon is our muse, and we explore the idea of slowing down. 

The air is cooler now, and in the brisk evenings, you can look up to the clear night sky and gaze at the autumn moon. The leaves are turning and falling; the crunch beneath your feet provides a comforting sense of nostalgia; pause for a moment.
"The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go"
- unknown -
With summer officially over, you can take this time to acknowledge this natural evolution of growth and expansion. It’s lovely to slow down before the flurry of winter sets in.  People are afraid to slow down, but it will actually help you go further; you’ll make better decisions, connect with others on a deeper level, and have more meaningful experiences. Take note of how you’re feeling, set the intention to reserve little breaks in your day just for yourself and your companion.
The monthly ritual we're setting this October is to meander
Rituals are powerful and sacred because they give structure to your day, there’s intention, connection, energy and commitment behind them, rituals help life flow more easily. When you commit to these acts, they will be done with confidence; that confidence will reduce anxiety and positively impact the future.
But be careful not to confuse rituals with habits. They are very different. A habit is something you don’t even think about, and a ritual takes your full attention. For example, do you make a cup of tea out of habit or a thought ritual? One could compare this to a Japanese Tea Ceremony. It’s so much more than popping a tea bag into a mug.
It’s also ok to be flexible in your rituals, they are not fixed routines; enjoy life’s little twists and turns.
Take the time to amble aimlessly on your next daily walk, take some time to discover a new song, daydream and let your mind wander.  You may find that consciously slowing down and letting go can reap some unexpected rewards and nourishing self-discoveries. 
Pet care and self-care are linked, and your pet plays a big part in your wellbeing. Walks, cuddles, feeding, caring and talking to our pets helps the bond to grow and boosts our oxytocin - the love hormone!

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