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The delights (and duties) that come with life alongside our pets is something that we truly understand. We aspire to combine those joys and routines with elegance and convenience, creating products infused with thoughtful luxury for your everyday life. It’s what breathes life into our brand.

Our Products

Our products are not just for pets; like our unique poo bags, they’re designed to help you make the messy moments that come along with pet care easier to deal with.

Cleanliness is a big focus for us, and we want our customers to experience using thoughtful pet products that will stand the test of time. For example, unlike ordinary bags, our one-of-a-kind pet waste bags come with a soft inner cloth pouch for double protection. This way, your hands stay all the more protected when picking up after your companion.

We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards and innovative design. Consciously creating products for you, the modern pet owner, while keeping hygiene and efficiency in mind. 

The Beginning

It’s our belief that the products we buy and use every day are an extension of ourselves. Pu-la began with our founder’s dream to incorporate the same attitude towards luxury and wellness that people enjoy every day into life with pets.

From skincare to food, interiors to homewares, inside and out, we recognise and appreciate the value of good self-care and self-love in order to lead a more fulfilled and contented life.

So why not extend the same attitude when it comes to the lifestyle we lead with our pets?

Our desire is to encompass this philosophy in pet essentials so that you can continue to experience the simple luxuries when it comes to taking care of and living with your dearest companions.

Our customer’s lifestyle matters to us

  • Our goal is to elevate your experience as a pet owner rather than offering products that provide a basic function.
  • For all aspects of pet care, such as walking, bathing, grooming, and feeding your companion to feel less like chores.
  • Offer products designed to make the routines that come along with pet care effortless and more enjoyable.

Whether you are looking for premium poo bags, high-end pet homewares or grooming products that will make your pet feel like they spent a day at the spa - please visit our store and begin your Pu-la journey…

What makes us different?

Luxury is important to us. We’re not just your run-of-the-mill pet brand; we put a genuine focus on hygiene, mindfulness and grace. Our products reflect our customers, who appreciate the details and innovation. We don’t sacrifice style and design for functionality, nor do we compromise cleanliness for effort. Our own desires for quality over quantity are evident in our creations and throughout our brand.

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