In Bloom: January

The Camellia plant is unique, in that it blooms in the late winter and early spring months. This beautiful flower originates from the Far East, in areas such as the eastern Himalayas, China, Japan and Malaysia, where it usually grows in coastal and mountainous regions.
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January Inspiration, Intention and Ritual

Happy New Year! The month of January is usually the time to start afresh with new habits and a clear, energetic mindset. A time when we make resolutions to continue these habits throughout the year.
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Finding Beauty and Meaning in the Minute

The intriguing and rich culture of Japan is so much more than the neon lights and bustling city of Tokyo that many of us associate it with. It is a complex, intertwined, and multi-faceted culture that is deeply rooted in rituals, tradition and spirituality. 
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In Bloom: December

This fragrant evergreen herb is the most versatile plant; not only delicious with roast potatoes but great in cocktails, wedding bouquets and skincare.

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In Conversation with Our Founder

Raised in Japan and the UK, Pu-la's founder has taken her background as a creative to bring an artistic and holistic approach to business. Her heritage and experience inspired her to build the premium pet brand Pu-la. She now creates innovative and indispensable everyday pet essentials for modern pet owners...
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