Responsible Sourcing

Pu-la is committed to the highest standards of responsible and ethical sourcing. We have developed very close relationships with our suppliers, craftspeople and artists to ensure all creators within the supply chain are paid and treated fairly. 
Regular visits to our suppliers in Japan mean we see the production process first-hand to ensure we are happy with the ethical standards. This allows our clients to maintain confidence in the ethicality of our supply chain. 
Pu-la is also committed to environmental stewardship and minimising our impact. We work to understand the materials used to create our products and their environmental impact. For instance, our waste bag boxes are made from recycled milk cartons and we continually explore new packaging and material composition options for all products. 
While we can always do better, Pu-la actively works to minimise our environmental impact in collaboration with our partners, supporting them to improve the environmental credentials of their processes and production methods. We continually explore new ingredients and materials that we can use to enhance the environmental credentials of our products. 
We consider it our duty to be transparent with our clients about the composition of our products to better support them to make more ethical and environmentally conscious purchasing decisions.