Notes on Dinnerware

By combining classical techniques of glassmaking with her own creative expression, artist Kanako Togawa remarks how new forms are born out of light and glass' unexpected and somewhat accidental nature.

The Charm of Glass
Through its many forms and expressions, glass is able to create an array of dazzling light reflections and refractions. While it is simply a man-made object, the artist reflects on how it can be transformed into something that almost seems ‘alive’. Depending on its placement, the space in which it is seen, glass reveals its captivating and enticing nature in unexpected ways.

Notes on The Dinnerware
By heating the glass into soft forms that move as if it is a life-form itself, the final shape of each bowl is completely unique from one another. The hand-made nature of these bowls result in warm, human forms that invite a soft and tactile experience.