Introducing: The Luxury Grooming Collection

Peace Silk Shampoo

Pu-la’s silk shampoo offers an elevated take on dog grooming, bringing the latest in luxury dog haircare and skincare technology, developed under the guidance of veterinarians. 

We have re-imagined dog grooming and followed in the footsteps of cult J-beauty trends and famous skincare rituals celebrated in Japan and all over the world. Knowing that dog skin and hair is as sensitive as humans’, it was important to us that we used the best solutions and ingredients when creating this product.

Formulated with Peace Silk, hand-harvested in the rural prefecture of Gunma, Japan, the shampoo is also enriched with natural essences and oils. Silk can retain 10,000 times its weight in water, so the silk fibroin technology used in our shampoo results in a product that cleanses, regenerates and deeply nourishes a dog’s skin and coat. While it effectively removes dirt and odour, it also, unlike mainstream shampoos, reduces irritations, cuts out harmful UV-rays and offers a subtle clean smell with light notes of lemongrass and ylang-ylang.
Developed, manufactured and bottled in Japan, the product is free from sulphates, petroleum-based surfactants, silicone, artificial colourants & mineral oils. The shampoo is suitable for all breeds and puppies over five months and is also deeply moisturising for your hands while washing.  

The philosophy behind our grooming collection is the principle belief that pet care products can and should be as good as those we would use for ourselves, as a dog’s coat and skin is just as sensitive as our own. Applying the same amount of consideration to ingredients and technology results in a truly elevated experience for you and your pet.



Pu-la Pet Towel


The Imabari certified Pu-la Pet Towel is a five-star hotel-quality towel that is not only super-absorbent but fast-drying and lightweight. Expertly woven with 100% pure cotton, the towels bare the signature Imabari trademarks characterised by its fluffy texture, voluminous pile and elegant soft touch. A true embodiment of everyday luxury, our towels are ideal for use with any pet, and human, including those with sensitive skin. 

Imabari City, in the Ehime Prefecture of Japan, has famously been known as the mecca of the towel industry for the past 120 years. Towels made from this region are required to pass rigorous quality control and are considered to be the "world's best towels" made with exquisite craftsmanship and care. 

The textiles are woven using an age-old weaving technique on traditional looms dating back to the Meiji period, from pure cotton, without the use of synthetic materials. The secret to the softness of their towels are the fibres that are washed with the soft and pure water of the Sojagawa River sourced from Mt. Takanawa in the Setouchi Inland Sea. 

Our towels are made with unparalleled care and dedication, using processes that produce a luxurious textile guaranteed to last and feel exquisite after every wash.

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