How to dispose of our pet waste bags

We take sustainability seriously and are looking at ways that we can minimise the environmental impact of our products whilst also providing the best possible experience for our customers.

What materials do we use?

Our poo bags have two parts to them, an outer bag and an inner pouch. The Two Hundreds are packaged in a cardboard box.

Outer bag

  • Manufactured from polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable and can be broken down by a hydrolysing process (this does not mean that it is biodegradable).

Inner pouch

  • Made with recycled paper to minimise environmental impact.


  • Manufactured using recycled paper, reusing milk cartons.

How can these be disposed of?

Disposing of poo bags is inherently tricky as you are combining a material/s with pet waste, and there is a lot of misconception and misinformation around how to responsibly dispose of poo bags. For example, compostable bags are often only compostable if you entirely remove the faeces from them. Similarly, for biodegradable bags, these often take years to decompose and standards vary from country to country. Sadly, many companies make it unclear on how to dispose of their “green” poo bags, misleading customers to believe that the used bags can be composted or left in the wild to naturally degrade, when in most instances, this is not the case. 

For minimum environmental impact when using our bags, UK customers can dispose of the paper pouch and dog poo in a designated dog poo bin and then recycle the plastic outer bags at home. The inner paper pouch has been designed so that if you choose to dispose in this manner, the pouch contents simply drop out, leaving the plastic outer bag ready for recycling. 

Depending on where you are located (for example in some US states or Japan), you may be able to flush the inner paper pouch down the loo, as the paper is the same material as toilet paper. We urge our customers to do their research before opting for this option as regulations and sewage systems are vastly different based on location. 

If you have any further questions about our bags, please feel free to contact us directly at