January Inspiration, Intention and Ritual


Happy New Year! The month of January is usually the time to start afresh with new habits and a clear, energetic mindset. A time when we make resolutions to continue these habits throughout the year.



In this month of opportunity, we are able to reassess and refocus our everyday with calmness and understanding. Being in a state of flux over the past year or so has prepared us to dismantle parts of our lives, our being, our beliefs and values that no longer serve us, giving a renewed sense of energy.

This is the month to ask yourself where you want to focus your attention, helping you to hone your understanding about why that area of interest is calling to you. This clarity of purpose, and the intentions and rituals that stem from it, may be the foundation of the positive energy you carry with you throughout the year. 



Setting our intention is a simple shift from being on auto-pilot, to being an active co-creator. You can activate it through awareness and through noticing the world around you, knowing that you are a vital part of it. Taking your place as co-creator in your own life will allow you to engage with activities, and others, with a different level of energy and appreciation. 



Honing into where we want to focus our energy, we can then incorporate our intentions into daily rituals. Implementing new rituals in our day-to-day can work wonders for not only our mental and emotional health, but also our physical health. After all, the body and the mind are so deeply intertwined, inseparable.

You’ll probably already feel the natural connection between movement and life in the simple act of walking your dog(s) everyday. This feeling is a testament to the uplifting benefits of healthy behaviours, such as consistent physical activity, nutritious eating and regular acts of self-care. 


Find our January playlist here for some more inspiration...

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